Meet the Owner: Cambria

Meet the Owner: Cambria

Meet Cambria, the visionary behind Unconventional Candy LLC. As the owner and operator, Cambria brings a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation to the world of freeze-dried candy.

Cambria holds a bachelor's degree in Outdoor Recreation Administration from Weber State University, setting the stage for her unconventional journey into the world of candy making. With a decade of experience working for small, locally owned companies, Cambria has honed her skills in diverse roles, making her a versatile and dynamic entrepreneur.

Unconventional Candy is not just a business venture for Cambria; it's the first of many she intends to start. Beyond the joy of creating a super fun candy company, Cambria is driven by a unique motivation—apocalypse preparation. She is excited to utilize her freeze dryer to create a personal stash of vegetarian food storage and backpacking meals, showcasing the versatility of freeze-dried technology beyond the world of sweet treats.

As the owner and operator of Unconventional Candy LLC, Cambria wears many hats. From buying supplies and processing products to packaging, tracking inventory, and handling marketing initiatives, she is deeply involved in every aspect of the business. Cambria's commitment extends to the hands-on tasks of selling, shipping, delivering, and event tabling, ensuring that the Unconventional Candy experience is not only delicious but also personally curated with care.

Join Cambria on this sweet and unconventional journey as she combines her expertise, creativity, and passion to redefine the candy industry. Unconventional Candy is more than a brand; it's a reflection of Cambria's dedication to quality, innovation, and the joy of snacking in any circumstance.

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